Our Team

Our Team

The Cal Pac Team

Cal Pac’s success can be largely attributed to its people, each of whom represents the very best in one or more specialized areas of expertise. We believe in teamwork, which means working together to live up to our commitment — bringing outstanding value, integrity and service to our clients. We listen to your needs, and, in many cases, predict those needs without being told – then come up with buildable solutions. Our managers take on-the-job training to the next level, which is why Cal Pac’s field installers are the most skilled in the industry, and why they help set this company apart from its competitors.

Mari Kurtz, Cal Pac president and CEO, has led her team through a successful transition from the company’s homebuilding beginnings into commercial and industrial markets. Today, team members share her high work ethic and her philosophy, “Don’t be afraid to work hard. Be afraid not to.” We also share her belief that “going the extra mile” is a way of life. It’s a belief that has paid off in client appreciation.

We are proud of Cal Pac’s success and our contributions to the company’s present position as a major force in the sheet metal and building industry. We look forward to meeting new challenges and new opportunities as we continue along the path of improved client satisfaction, positive performance and superior product quality.

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