Cal Pac Sheet Metal has built its safety program around the commitment to continuous improvement. This quest for safety excellence has been greatly augmented by our most valuable resource: Cal Pac Sheet Metal employees. We encourage the consistent, active involvement of our people, from upper management to our field installers in making safety synonymous with Cal Pac Sheet Metal. Our Injury Free Environment (IFE) is not just a safety program – it’s a culture at Cal Pac Sheet Metal. We believe that accidents are not only avoidable, but are unacceptable. The foundation of our safety system is a training program, which encompasses employees at all levels—enabling them to be both educated and responsible when it comes to project safety. This employee involvement process includes orientation, supervisor training, safety staff, hazard recognition, job hazard analysis, safety meetings, incentive programs and safety committees, plus an emphasis on subcontractor safety.


All new Cal Pac Sheet Metal employees attend a new-hire orientation prior to assuming any job duties.

Hazard Recognition

Site safety audits are conducted weekly on all Cal Pac Sheet Metal projects. These audits help promote personnel involvement in safety issues as well as providing a forum to discuss techniques being used and possible alternatives.

Job Hazard Analysis

At all job sites, the Cal Pac Sheet Metal field supervisor originates a Job Hazard Analysis to ensure that proper thought and planning have gone into each phase of the work to be done.

Safety Meetings

Conducted weekly at all projects—and daily during periods of peak activity—safety meetings are conducted by one of our field supervisors and address job specific topics and concerns.

Subcontractor Safety

The actions of one contractor can impact everyone on a job site. Safety is everyone’s game, we’re all on the same team.
Cal Pac Sheet Metal has been recognized for our dedication to safety – a testament to the impact of our all-out commitment to providing the safest work environment possible.

But the most important measurement of our safety program isn’t how many awards we have won or what safety statistics we have for any given year. It’s that every night, our employees leave the jobsite and go home safely to their families. That is what we call success.